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Azra Uzunalic Husejnovic
4 months ago

I recommend to everyone the classes led by Argia, if they want to learn a lot of new things, to have fun and gain a level of self-confidence because she has a very nice and pleasant approach with students. Also, she is very professional and communicative. Argia has very nice energy and transmits it to everyone. I would apply anytime without hesitation!

Bret Anderson
5 months ago

It was nice to have a capable Spanish instructor that made learning a new language fun. I highly recommend Argia. She is is well equipped and easy to communicate with.

Katrina Anderson
5 months ago

Argia has been an excellent instructor. She was able to reach me from the level I was at and help me advance. She is diligent, prompt, thorough and patient. Her princess are great! I highly recommend her. 100%

a year ago

Argia is an excellent teacher and very patient! Being one on one Argia sets the pace and the topics to suit you. There is a great balance between conversation and set exercises and all is done with such enthusiasm and encouragement. I highly recommend Argia, it’s a 10/10 from me.

Abby Michaels
a year ago

Argia is an amazing teacher! It is so much fun to learn with her! I have learned more Spanish in 6 months than I have my whole school education!

a year ago

Argia is really committed professor and positive person. Learning with her was completely different and the most important it was interesting and easy since she has abilities to explain everything in such an easy way.

The best professor I have ever had! ❤️

a year ago

Argia es una gran profesora de español, ¡Gracias a ella conseguí el C2! Explica muy bien y las clases son muy amenas y divertidas.

Ena Cemer
a year ago

Argia was my teacher in Sarajevo, and I am amazed with her abilities to explain everything very easily.

a year ago

Argia, very good person and teacher. Thank you for being my first teacher and big thanks for encouraging me!

a year ago

I love Argia. Shes amazing teacher. Her classes were so interesting, since shes very interesting person herself. I remember we had so much fun, we laughed a lot, we talked a lot even when we didnt know much words and so we learned a lot, and i believe that is the best way to learn one language.. I highly recommend classes with Argia cause after them u will be full of positive energy and for sure u will have a knowledge of this beautiful language.