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Our Story

Since 2013, we have been delivering Spanish language courses across 33 countries. Our experience spans a diversity of sectors, including the food industry, banking and finance, insurance, chemical engineering, construction, pharmaceuticals and tourism. Notably, we have focused on optimising services for professionals with limited time, including C-suite executives. Our streamlined approach ensures an efficient and effective way to learn Spanish.


We recognise the challenges professionals may face when acquiring a new language. That is why our courses are crafted with a clear and concise approach. We understand that the learning process can be daunting, and to address this, we have developed courses that provide the exact amount of input needed without overwhelming you. Our exclusive materials are optimised to enhance the efficiency of Spanish language learning.


Scientific research has shown that acquiring language becomes more challenging after the age of 12. Learning a new language requires additional effort to achieve proficiency in comprehension and communication. We use the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) method, prioritising effective communication as the core language learning objective. Our approach focuses on real-life communication, using contextual learning, interactive activities, and a learner-centered environment. Through a task-based approach, we develop functional language skills, fostering a comprehensive and engaging language acquisition experience. We guarantee success in learning Spanish through our course structure and the dedication of the participants.