General Spanish

In General Spanish, you will learn to effectively communicate your everyday interests, as well as discuss topics relevant to interacting in daily life. The pace of two lessons per week, facilitates active practice and provides a balanced number of sessions each week. This structure accommodates busy schedules while ensuring consistent progress for participants.

We follow the standard linguistic register that is suitable for foundational knowledge of Spanish. In General Spanish, you can progress from a complete beginner level (A1) to an advanced level (C1), enabling you to build your skills and discover your own style of communication to engage in more complex or specialised topics.

Course Duration

General Spanish is a 10-week course with two sessions per week. Each session is 55 minutes.

Group Size

To ensure everyone gets the most of the sessions, we only work with up to six individuals per course.


To establish a common starting point, the course package covers a level test for non-beginners. Additionally, all essential course materials, such as vocabulary lists, grammar resources, readings, and worksheets, are provided.