Executive Spanish Programme

In Executive Spanish, the linguistic register is carefully tailored to suit executive-level business conversations. The Spanish taught in these programmes are specifically designed to meet the formal and professional standards expected in executive-level business interactions. To ensure participants meet the entry requirements of Executive Spanish, the programme includes a level test to ensure B2-level. Executive Spanish ensures that participants develop proficiency in using Spanish for business discussions, including aspects of formality, politeness, precision, persuasiveness, and cultural sensitivity.

Programme Duration

Executive Spanish is our 20-session programme with the à la carte option where participants can select one, two or four sessions per week. Each session is 55 minutes.

Group Size

We limit Executive Spanish to two participants to ensure personalised attention from the instructor and a more focused learning experience. 


 As our premium offering, we provide additional language coaching and ensure flexibility through tailored scheduling. Once registration is complete, a consultation with our instructor will be scheduled to discuss the specific needs for the participant(s) and their industry.  Sessions start 3 weeks after this meeting. As well as essential language development materials, we include vocabulary lists, industry-specific vocabulary, grammar resources, self-study readings, current news articles and exercise worksheets.