One to one

Here you can find the most customized and flexible way to learn Spanish as your schedule, pace and contents is agreed only between the two of us. Especially at the beginning of your journey it is very important to build a rutine in order to assimilate new contents and gain confidence. In that sense, lessons twice per week makes you to remember and using faster the new content after each lesson, givinig you the possibility to advance faster each session with a significative difference each month.

The benefits of being regular is so important that I will do my best to adapt and find the best time schedule for the two of us, with special prices if you are planning to come twice per week.

One to one lessons are 50 minutes long (one academic hour) and they are done on Zoom. The lessons are taylored to each student's needs, goals, priorities and pace, paying more attention to speaking or to reading,  writing, etc. So contact me and let's have a first meeting to create a plan for you!